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the Golden Gate Bridge
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San Francisco is the center of excitement and also regarded as the commercial, cultural and financial heart of the Northern part of California. It is the 13th most populated city in the US and has the 2nd largest population density. San Francisco became popular in the year 1849 when it was known as the home to the California Gold Rush. It became the largest city in the West Coast at that time.
Famous for its exquisite restaurants and also some of the most innovative chefs in the US. With a lot of activities to engage in and have much fun in this city, we will be taking an in-depth look at the best things you can do in San Francisco.

1 – Check out Waterfront at the Fisherman’s Wharf

the Fisherman’s Wharf
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The city’s most famous water-front community is at the Fisherman’s Wharf. This is the spot that you can enjoy some delicious food and experience some of the best menus that you can get anywhere in the world.

If what you seek is fresh seafood, you can spot some outdoor selling freshly-caught fish and crabs.
You can then proceed to other tour areas such as Segway, taking a walk and enjoy yourself on a boat.

2 – Walk along the Golden Gate Bridge

the Golden Gate Bridge
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The Golden Gate Bridge is situated between Marin County and the San Francisco Bay and it has been declared as one of the recent wonders of the world. Opened in the year 1937, it was the longest suspension bridge that was ever built.
With an entire length of 1.7 miles, it is the bridge that has been photographed the most in the world. With its six-lane of traffic, it conveys millions of commuters yearly.
Before the construction of the bridge, people in the area used ferries to transport themselves between the two locations. The ferry company that handles the movement was the Golden State Ferry Co. and it was at the time the largest in the world.

3 – Visit to the Alcatraz Island

the Alcatraz Island
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The Alcatraz Island is just 1.5 miles off the San Francisco’s shore and it is a small island that was developed as a military fortification and a federal prison.
The federal prison was established to incarcerate prisoners that continually caused troubles in other prisons. Many infamous inmates have been jailed here, including Robert Franklin and Al Capone.

But in this modern day, the island has been converted into a tourist attraction and lots of people gather here yearly to make exploration of the prison.

4 – Chill at the Golden Gate Park

the Golden Gate Park
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The Golden Gate Park receives as much as 13 million visitors yearly. This space spans across 1,017 acres and there are so many spots to relax in. there are the lakes, monuments, picnic areas, gardens, and playgrounds.

There are lots of activities and events throughout the year in the park. There are even spaces for special events and weddings at the park as well.

5 – Visit the Union Square

the Union Square
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This is the neighborhood that has the most visits in San Francisco. You will come across a huge selection of classic retail outlets, cafes, hotels, art galleries, and nightlife.

In this location, you will be able to attend lots of live events and you will always have something to make you entertained at all times .

6 – The Cable Car System at San Francisco

The Cable Car System  at San Francisco
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The cable car system in Cable Car System is the only manually operated system anywhere in the world. When it was at its peak, you would see as much as 23 cable lines in the city, but there are just 3 left now.
The cable cars are mostly ridden by tourists that want to see the city in a different dimension.
It was first launched in 1873 and as it became popular, more cable cars were added to the line.

7 – Don’t miss out on the Chinese Culture at the Chinatown

Source : shutterstock / Andrey Bayda

Chinatowns are situated in most of the major cities, but interestingly there are four in San Francisco and the biggest out of Asia is the one at Grant Avenue. It is also the oldest in North America. It is so big that there are two hospitals within its space, lot of parks and gets more visitors than the Golden Gate Bridge.

The most authentic Chinese food in San Francisco will be found here. You can also enjoy the Chinese festival here during the Autumn Moon festival.

8 – The Palace of Fine Arts (Exploring the World Around You )

The Palace of Fine Arts
Source : shutterstock / TanyaBird

Take a move into the Exploratorium and find out about the world in a more different way. Have an experience of how things would seem if we all lived in a world without colors, or enjoy some video games with social consequences.

This location is one of the most interactive spots that you can take your family to. They have a perfect setup that you can at the same time learn while having fun.
The location is divided into 6 galleries and every one of them focuses on a diverse area that will reward you depending on how much you concentrate.

9 – Watching the San Francisco Giants

AT&T Park
Source : shutterstock / Joseph Sohm

The San Francisco Giants have their home at AT & T Park and it is one of the most famous teams. The stadium is situated on the San Francisco Bay and it unites people in the city every time the Giants step in to play. It was completed in the year 2000 and cost about $357 million.

Originally New York Gotham’s, the team moved into San Francisco in the year 1958 and they have won World Series eight times.

10 – The Presidio of San Francisco

 The Presidio of San Francisco
Source : shutterstock / James Kirkikis

This used to be a military base but has now been converted into a park. It is located on the northern edge of the San Francisco Peninsular and it is an area under the Golden Gate jurisdiction. The area was initially owned by the Spanish, before moving to the Mexicans and then taken over by the US in 1948.

There are lots of places in the park that you can stand and take an aerial view of the Golden Gate Bridge and at the same time the Pacific Ocean.


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