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15 Most Beautiful Paradise Islands to Visit in Asia

Raja Ampat, Indonesia
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Eager to escape your busy city life? To be in a fresh peaceful place that is surrounded by green hills and trees for you to enjoy sites of nature, beautiful blue ocean for you to surf, sail, swim and snorkel with exotic sea creatures, deserted white sand beaches for you to soak under the sun or enjoy relaxing day as you walk on shores. If you are searching for a paradise on earth like that then luckily for you Asia is filled with the most beautiful islands that are attracting tourist for years and will guarantee you the most relaxing holiday you always dreamed of. Here are the fifteen most beautiful Island to visit in Asia.

1 : Similan Islands, Thailand :

Source: shutterstock / S-F

The Similan islands are the group of islands which is located in the Andaman Sea off the coast and is part of Phang Nga Province in southern Thailand. It has warm climate but with heavy rainfall. Similan Island main tourist attractions are its Marine life and snorkelling under deep water. However, other than that the ocean around is filled with coral reefs and rock formations that resemble different types of shapes and forms. This Island is also a place where turtles laid their eggs, and that’s why it is highly protected by the Thai government.

2 : Perhentian Islands, Malaysia :

Perhentian Islands, Malaysia
Source: shutterstock / Jaromir Chalabala

Perhentian islands are islands located in Besut District Terengganu Malaysia. Their official language is Kelantanese Malay, but luckily for tourists, English is highly spoken and understood in this Island. The central part of their economy is actually dependent on its tourism; that’s why this island offers scuba diving, swimming, snorkeling, canoeing, banana boat riding, and fishing.

The island looks heavenly with its palm-fringed white Coral sand beaches surrounded by turquoise, blue sea. They are famous for their cuttlefish and parrotfish and in the mainland, you can find activities like camping and jungle trekking. The reason why it’s such a popular tourist spot is that Perhentian islands can easily fit in holiday budget of backpackers and families alike and holiday that didn’t cost you much makes you even more relaxed to truly enjoy your holiday.

3 : Macleod Island, Myanmar :

Macleod Island, Myanmar
Source: shutterstock / Day2505

This island is controlled by Myanmar and located in the Mergui Archipelago and also known as a private island. The Island contain three white beaches surrounded by tropical wilderness. Moreover, it has great Marine life and even nature-related activities, but the thing that separates it from other islands is bird watching. An unusual variety of birds that migrate from far land on this island.

4 : Pom Pom Islands, Malaysia .

 Pom Pom Islands, Malaysia
Source: shutterstock / Yusnizam Yusof

It’s a small coral reef Island that is located in the Celebes Sea near northeast of Semporna, town, Sabah, East Malaysia. The island has a beautiful white sand coral beach and its also a nesting place for hawksbill turtles. Here you will find activities like diving, and there are two diving resorts available for you to choose. Here Marine life is extremely rich that attracts fishers and snorkelers. Apart from tourist, Marine Science students also visit this place to study sea creatures. These islands are densely wooded with small trees, and also you don’t need to fear from lizards or snakes because none found on this island.

5: Koh Rong, Cambodia :

Koh Rong, Cambodia
Source: shutterstock / Aleksandar Todorovic

Koh Rong is the second largest Island of Cambodia; it is located in commune Sangkat off the coast of the Gulf of Thailand. This Island is surrounded by forest and waterfall, it has twenty-three beaches from white sand to rose colour, and that is stretched throughout the coastline. It also has rich Marine life, jungle, and magnificent natural environment for tourist’s attraction.

6 : Komodo, Indonesia :

Komodo, Indonesia
Source: shutterstock / Sarinee58

Komodo is one of the seventeen thousand five hundred and eight Island that is located in Indonesia. It is the most popular diving spot and popularly known as the seven wonders of nature. Here you can find rare creatures like the Komodo Dragon (world’s most giant living lizard), Javan deer, cockatoo, water Buffalo, civets, and macaques. This Island has pink sand beaches which highlight its beauty even more.

7 : Cat Ba Island Vietnam.

 Cat Ba Island Vietnam
Source: shutterstock / soft_light

It is the largest of the three hundred and sixty-seven Island that comprises the Cat Ba Archipelago in Northern Vietnam; this island has a variety of both Marine and terrestrial. Tourist can find limestone karsts, tropical limestone forest, coral reefs, mangrove, seagrass beds, lagoons, beaches, caves, and willow swamp forest. The infrastructure of this island is dependent on its tourist attractions, that’s why it offers cruises, and luxurious hotels provide to attract more tourists.

8 : Palawan, The Philippine :

Palawan, The Philippine
Source : shutterstock / saiko3p

Palawan is the most extensive Island of the province Palawan and fifth largest Island of Philippine. It connects with two seas of the South China Sea and Sulu sea. The people of this island are really traditional, which attracts tourist along with its wildlife, jungle and white beaches but the best part about this island is that beautiful high mountain ranges surround it.

9 : Havelock Island , Andaman Islands, India:

Havelock Island , Andaman Islands, India
Source : shutterstock / Matyas Rehak

Havelock Island is comprised of a chain of islands in east Andaman Island. The beaches of this island are known as one of the best Island in Asia and here ferries, cruises and helicopters service is specially provided for tourists.

10 : Cebu Island, Philippines :

: Cebu Island, Philippines
Source : shutterstock / Maks Ershov

Cebu Island is located in the Visayas region of the Philippine. This Island is an excellent place to relax and provide beautiful resorts for its tourists. Here you can enjoy activities like fishing, scuba diving, snorkelling, kiteboarding, and windsurfing. Here Chinese food and Filipino deserts are famous with tourists, but the highlight of this place is whales and sharks watching.

11 : Akajima, Japan :

Akajima, Japan
Source : shutterstock / Tatiana Nurieva

Aka Island (Aka-Jima) is an island surrounded by the Pacific Ocean and is located in Okinawa Prefecture, Japan. This Island has a subtropical climate, and here tourist can enjoy its Healthy coral reefs with rich Marine life. This place is Paradise for marine scientists, divers, and snorkelers. Apart of marine life here tourist will be found Green turtles, loggerhead and hawksbill turtles lay their eggs and whenever you track the hills, you will find a variety of wildlife especially birds, butterflies, Golden silk orb-weaver’s spiders, and Kerama deer. The beaches here in the morning look really good, and the government has provided ferries services for its tourists and created airstrip in Fukajijima.

12 : Raja Ampat, Indonesia :

Raja Ampat, Indonesia
Source : shutterstock / Macca Sherifi

Raja Ampat is located on the northwest of Papua province in Indonesia. This Island contains the richest biodiversity on earth, and that’s why fishing and diving is the most popular activity around here for both tourists and local. Plus, you can also do sightseeing of sharks and wobbegongs. TheIsland also contains coral beaches and three ponds filled with harmless jellyfish. The rainforest here is filled with reptiles, mammals, insects, and birds’ sightings are the most widespread terrestrial activities around here.

13 : Jeju Island, South Korea :

 Jeju Island, South Korea
Source : shutterstock / Maxim Tupikov

Jeju Island is located in Jeju province of South Korea. The climate here is moderate even in winter, which is the reason tourist can come here for holidays in any season. Part of this island economy is dependent on its tourism and trade; here you can buy Tangerine, Omija tea, Cacti, and mushrooms plus seafood is famous among tourist.

The island has volcanic mountain, so you can take a tour of Manjanggul lava tube and Sunrise peak. It has beautiful beaches, Jeju teddy museum, Jeju Maze park, waterfalls and many other activities spread from east to west of this island.

14 : Baros Island, Maldives :

Baros Island, Maldives
Source : shutterstock / Africa Studio

Baros Island is located on the Maldives and offers the best luxury hotels and resorts surrounded by turquoise, sea. The villas here are made of timber wood and some even situated under water gives a sense of privacy. Here are beautiful beaches with coral reefs and jungle are filled with wildlife but the thing that attracts tourist, even more, is the fantsastic hospitality of people living in this island.

15 : Mentawai Islands, Indonesia :

Mentawai Islands, Indonesia
Source : shutterstock / GUDKOV ANDREY

Mentawai Island is a chain of about seventy islands which is located on the western coast of Sumatra, Indonesia. This Island is also famous for surfing; in fact, the government provides surf charters to its International guests. Beaches here are beautiful and rainforest filled with species. You will also find large plantation of palm trees.


Choose one of these Paradise spots and enjoy the vacation of your dreams that you will never forget.

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