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18 Best Places Caribbean Islands to Visit | Amazing Places 2019

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1 Turks and Caicos

best_caribbean _islands_2019
Source : shutterstock / BlueOrange Studio

The Turks and Caicos is the just the best location for you if you are after the beaches – Well everyone is after the beaches here.
With as much as 300 smaller islets in the middle of Lucayan Archipelago, most of the locations in the TCI are filled with rugged pillars and banks rising above the waters in the Caribbean.
The jetties at Cockburn Town might be a center of attraction, but it is the laid-back Providenciales getting all the visitors.
With all the luxurious 5-star resorts, designed in the 19th century pirate them and scuba divers decorating the face of the ocean, this U-shaped land is just the best spot to be in this region.

2 – Cuba

Source : shutterstock / Sean Pavone

With the troubling past experienced and the political strife in the region, Cuba has not been the best location for visitors in the Caribbean, well not until recent times. The lifting of the travel ban on Cuba by America is expected to make a troop of tourists surges into the region.

Havana, which is the capital of the island oozes with so much vintage charm. Across the streets and city parks, travelers will see the largest concentration of Cadillacs and other classical rides they have seen anywhere in the world. The cigar puffs, as well as the splashed Malecon, strutted by all kinds!

The perfect sparkling beaches at Varadero and the Karst Mountains at Pinar del Rio are just one of the many beautiful spots to experience in the island.

3 – Jamaica

Source : shutterstock / Aneta Karnecka

Kicking off your adventure on the north shore of the Island, where smooth white sands run along the coast and then across the Negril cliffs, via the exquisite resorts in Montego Bay and then to the jungles in Ochio Rios.
Going farther into the east, you come across the Blue Mountains and then the Jamaican boas drifting by the vine and the sweet aroma of coffee beans along the undergrowth.

Moving further into the Island hills, you can then touch the home town of Bob Marley located at Nine Mile or better still opt to have much fun at the sweet bars of Kingston dancing to the hot tunes of Rasta sounds.
Then stopping at Mo’Bay, you will be thrilled with the nightlife and the sweet aroma of chickens from the various hot spots.

4 – St. Lucia

best _caribbean_islands_2019 _St. Lucia
Source : shutterstock / Inga Locmele

St Lucia might just be regarded as the child that has not given in to conformity. Rather than settling to be overridden by the palms and mangrove, it continues to rise and peaks at the Pitons.
The mud pools and the bubbling volcanic springs continue to change the interiors on the island just around Soufriere.

Then talking of the Soufriere in the south, travelers are set to find out the coves of Anse Chastanet, concealed between the cluster of the coaster walls and the cliffs.

5 – Antigua and Barbuda

best_caribbean_islands_2019 _Antigua_and_Barbuda
Source : shutterstock / jgorzynik

This is one of the region’s best tourist attractions. Divided by the Caribbean Sea right in the middle of Leeward Islands.
The cricket ground in Saint John’s parish and the casino chips in the same location are just one of the memories to hold of this great location.

Getting to Shirley Height Lookout, with the host of many beaches and the palm forests, tourists will surely relish the moments they spend here.

6 -Aruba

Source : shutterstock / DiegoMariottini

The weather in Aruba is simply warm and steady and not disturbed by the cyclone and hurricanes that sweep through the Atlantic belts.
With as much as 300 days of the sun coupled with soothing shore waters, there is a steady inflow of Snowbirds from the United States that are always baking on the sands at the Baby Beach located at the south.

Then the interior part of Aruba with its desert-like landscape covered by the Haystack Mountain.

7 – US Virgin Islands

Source : shutterstock / Jiri Vondrous

This location might not be the best paradise in the Caribbean. Although they have their best spots to ranging from the aquamarine-hued waters to the shimmering sands.
A pilgrim for yachters, with the trio locations of Saint Thomas, Saint John and Saint Croix with the other smaller islets offer the best waters to explore the island on a boat.

Then the Salt River Bay, which is blessed with mangrove forest that expands into the corals of the Reef at the Buck Island.

8 – Guadeloupe

Source : shutterstock / Morganelgd

Sited amidst the Lesser Antilles, this island is a chart-topper in the Caribbean that is not as popular as the other locations in the region.
With its butterfly shape, Guadeloupe spans across two major islands: Grande Terre and Basse Terre. These islands are linked by bridges and they offer there varying sweet treats.

The nightlife of the region is concentrated on the Grande Terre, while Basse Terre is more like a wilder region.

9 – Cayman Islands

Source : shutterstock / Jo Ann Snover

Enfolded between Jamaica and Cuba, this beautiful island is buzzing with ghost orchids, sea turtle, iguanas in the sea and also home to the richest folks with the most gorgeous mansions to ever sprout on the edge of the Caribbean seas.
The beaches at Grand Cayman and Seven Mile are a place to visit coupled with the seaweed-dressed, untouched sand of the little Cayman Brac.
Getting to St. James Castle, you will come across formidable forts from the colonial era with museums preserving the times of the British and Caribbean piracy of George Town.

The parties at Sunset House are the highlight of the region, especially at night coupled with the cocktails at Billy Bones.

10 – Haiti

Source : shutterstock / CMORimages

If you are simply the type of tourist that is more bent on adventure, then Haiti is the best location for you. Unlike other islands in the Caribbean with the bespoke cocktails and the luxury resorts, Haiti offers something different entirely.
With the troubled past that plagued this region: bloody coup d’états, earthquake. But still, the region stands with the palm-infested beaches and the rugged cliffs at Jacmel.

At Citadelle Laferriere, the soaring walls ooze of old-time colonization and slavery revolts that were a characteristic of the region. Moving to Cape-Haitien, you will be thrilled with the gorgeous sand, then at Tortuga, the pirate retreats. Haiti is poised to be one of the top locations of the Caribbean in the latter part of the 21st century.

11 – British Virgin Islands

Source : shutterstock / BlueOrange Studio

This region is located at the point where the Caribbean Sea meets the North Atlantic Ocean.

Mesmerized by the trade winds, the territories have been a mecca of affluent sailors with their luxurious yachts in the empty crevices and coves at the VI Archipelago.
The sunken RMS Rhone with its coral garden and scuba spots and then the surfing openings at Apple Bay while windsurfer can have a swell at the Anegada Isle.

12 – St. Vincent and the Grenadines

Source : shutterstock / Ana del Castillo

St. Vincent can be considered to be the mastermind of the eponymous archipelago, more like the pepper pot to free the secluded points of the much smaller Grenadines of the south.
Clad in an emerald rainforest, its biodiversity has no rivals any location in the Americas.
Well in terms of tourism, there are much fewer travelers here compared to St Lucia up to the north.

The lagoons and the cays in the Grenadines here are however a center of attraction to most tourists, especially honeymooners on the island of Tobago Cays.
There is also the underwater diving at Bat Cave. Here scuba divers get to enjoy much more fun with the school of barracudas and frogfish.

13 – St. Barts

Source : shutterstock / Travel Bug

St. Bart is regarded as the home to most of the luxurious exclusive boutiques and resorts on the planet. This location has some kind of aura that thrills every new visitor and you don’t even have to become a billionaire to live the best life in St. Barts.
The sparkling white beach sands at Shell Beach with the inviting waters of Colombier that every snorkeler will be thrilled about. Then moving down to Cul-de-Sac , the sight of different designer bikinis is just the perfect moment to enjoy life as it comes.

Then at the capital, Gustavia, seeing the many Scuba divers and the tourers come out of the deep blue ocean to enjoy the delicious lobsters by the beach.
Then not forgetting Paris, the francophone side of St. Barts with the usual characteristic of the French Paris when it comes to fine dining.

14 – Montserrat

Regarded by most people as the modern time Pompeii, Mostreat was devastated way back in the year 1995 when the Soufriere Hills Mountains erupted with magma plastering Plymouth with volcanic stone and rocks.

Traveling to this location has been adventurous anyways. The isolated Rendezvous Bay and the Central hills with its volcanic massifs.

15 – Trinidad and Tobago

Source : shutterstock / Brendan Delzin

Well, this is the economic capital of the Caribbean. Blessed with oil and not much of tourism activities go down here. No thanks to the many refineries, but still it is one of the best places to touch down in this region.
On the other side, it is a perfect location if you are seeking for something less of the Disney-type fanfare.

With the hills of Trinidad cascading in the blooms of rising coconut palms and then the exquisite beaches of Maracas, Las Cuevas and Chagville.
Tobago is, on the contrary, less developed.

7 Best Places Caribbean Islands

16 – Martinique

This is a patchwork of volcanic mountains and virgin forests, powdered cove and the cascading hills on the coast, Martinique puts together beauty typical of the tropical regions and the refinement of a French territory overseas.

Here you will find exhibitions that are dedicated to the great artistic output of the genius, Paul Gaugin.
Moving from Grand Anse down to Anse Turin, you will encounter folds of empty sands clad with rugged walls of Gorges de la Falaise.

17 – St Kitts & Nevis

Source : shutterstock / Sergey Kelin

This location with its volcanic hills dressed in tropical green is a historic plantation designed with dilapidating colonial fortresses. It is about the brooding volcanic cones and the ever-increasing Mount Liamuiga.

St. Kitts and Nevis are regarded as the balance between relaxation and adventure, with its vast tropical vistas and brutal colonial history.

18 – Curacao

Source : shutterstock / SirimasB

The elusive C of the trio ABCs is quite homely between the reefs of Bonaire and the cacti-infested reaches in Aruba.
With just a little distance from Venezuela, this region rises off the cobalt waters to flaunt the beautiful Dutch mansions sites in Willemstad.

The Shete Boka Park with its craggy cliffs and boulders and sea turtles, then the harbors at Fort Amsterdam with its numerous floating markets.
The region attracts a host of travelers as a result of its huge diversity in culture, then moving down to Barbara with its great luxury resort before extending to Playa Kalki.

Your visit will not be complete here if you don’t experience the stalactites in the Hato Caves. And then you can then round it off with a visit to the Maritime Museum to have a 1st hand experience of the colonial history of Curacao.

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