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Tropea Beach travel
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Some of the most thrilling and fascinating beaches anywhere, in the world can be found on the Italian coast which includes the Adriatic and Mediterranean seas. The beaches in this European country are very classic and there is always something for everyone to enjoy here. You can make an exploration of the Italian coastline such as the Amalfi coast and you can also take your time watching sunsets on the top of the rugged cliffs, or even take a trip to Sardinia, here you will come across the most beautiful beaches you can find anywhere in Europe. If you are not certain about the location to visit on your next vacation, then our list of the 15 best beaches in Italy will serve as a guide for you.

1 – Tropea Beach

Tropea Beach travel
Source : shutterstock / Jenia

With its stunning beach, this spot is also referred to as the Jewel of Calabria. Tropea unlike other regions in Italy is not a commercial center and so you will be able to enjoy the quiet here without distractions.

You can take a trip down to the town of Tropea, famous for its 12th-century cathedral and clifftop historic center. And if you would love to have a beautiful view of the sea, head on to the Santa Maria dell’Isola Church. The restaurants in this location are also exquisite and visitors can come across all kinds of Italian cuisine.

2 – Marina Grande Beach

Marina Grande Beach italy
Source : shutterstock / Sergio Monti Photography

The Marina Grande Beach located in ” Positano ” is considered as one of the most picturesque and classical beaches in the country. It has amazing cliffs adorned with a beautiful pastel house on the top.

It is on the Amalfi coast and about 300 meters long and attracts droves of tourists during the summer. If you want to enjoy your time here, it is best you show up in the morning so you don’t miss out on the beautiful scenery as the area is so much loved by many visitors.

The bars and restaurants in this area will offer you the best sea views and it is very much likely that you come across your favorite celebrities here. You can also partake in the boat tours to explore the bays in the area.  

3 – Cala Goloritze

Cala Goloritze italy travel
Source : shutterstock / Marcin Krzyzak

Located on the south of Cala Biriola within Sadinia, this beach is a little beach surrounded by limestone cliffs and soft sand. The Cala Goloritze is considered as one of the most attractive destinations in this region and can be reached by either boats or cars.

It is, however, important to note that the distance between the main road and the beach will take you about 90 minutes.

If you are a snorkeling enthusiast, you will have a wonderful time here with the crystal clear waters. You will want to wonder why this location was listed in the UNESCO sites in 1995.

4 – Acquafredda di Marata Beach

Marata Beach travel italy
Source : shutterstock / Lucamato

Not a long distance from Maratea, the Acquafredda di Maratea is a beach with crystal clear blue water and beautiful gray sand. Visitors who are an enthusiast of rusty beauty would have a wonderful time in this place. The rugged cliffs and rocky shoreline in this location make it a picturesque site. it is so beautiful that people come to this spot from different parts of Europe to take their wedding photos.

Here, you can rent some umbrellas and loungers. Snorkeling and swimming are also parts of the activities that you can enjoy here. The caves in the area are also some spots to visit.

5 – Scalo Maestro

Marettimo 2007
Source: ferri1234 / Flickr

Located on the island of Marettimo with just a population of about 700 people, Scalo Maestro is a little beach with its characteristic calm waters and an ideal location for swimming and snorkeling. The beach can be accessed through the shore and the scenery here is quite amazing, just like what you see in those glossy travel magazines.

You can even charter a boat here to tour the island, which is after you have had a beautiful time swimming in the sea. A tour of the island will give you an experience of the hidden sea caves in the area.

6 – Campo all’Aia Beach

Elba (1)
Source: nfcastro / Flickr

This is the longest beach on Elba Island and it is a sheltered beach featuring a beautiful stretch of white sand. Visitors come with their kids to this beach because the waters are perfect for swimming and there are also swimming lessons available here.

From this point, you can have an amazing view of La Guardiola and there is the small bridge that you can walk on to check out the Procchio Beach nearby. At the beach bar, you can rent sunbeds and umbrellas and also get to enjoy the local fish with amazing drinks.

7 – Camogli Beach

Camogli Beach
Source : shutterstock / Boris Stroujko

A beautiful coastal village in Liguria, Camolgi beach is one of the beaches in Italy that you can visit and enjoy the best quiet and serene atmosphere without much interference from drones of beachgoers.

Here you can come across many private, VIP resorts and clubs, but still, other parts of the beach are opened to everybody.

Kids can take swimming lessons here and experienced swimmers will also have a great time diving in the waters. You can also decide to hire canoes to take an exploration of the waters and this is another way to view the beach from a different angle. You can also get the best drink on the beach right here in Camogli Beach.

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