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7 Great European Lakeside park for 2019

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Won’t you prefer being around a gentle lake water with awesome views instead of a sizzling hot crowded beach this summer? Check out several cool beach spots for a remarkable summer holiday.

1 – Any way you turn in Bled, Slovenia

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This lake is probably the most popular site in Slovenia. You will get to see the Blejski otok (which resides at the center of Lake Bled) from anywhere on this lake. This little island is the true center piece of Bled. The island could be reached by various means; however, you must get into the water. Hiring a row boat will probably give you the best experience. Furthermore, you’ll probably hear church bells ring as you get closer to the island. Theirs is an ancient legend that whoever rings that bell, his wishes will come true.

If you look around, you’ll find an awesome view of Castle Bled on the hillside by the lake. You’ll surely have a wonderful exploration and outing when you reach the castle and you’ll get an astonishing view of the lake. Just by the lake, there’s a small village that has the same name as the lake. This village is really cute and you can also get tasty Bled ice cream cakes or less tenderly Cremeschnitte. This cake is a custard delight (and a calorific tragedy based on your view) and can be found easily in the village.

2 – The midsummer lake’s dream of Lake Annecy, France

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Out of all the stunning lakes you’ll find in France, the Lake Annecy has a high standing for being one of the cleanest in Europe. Also, it’s one of the largest lakes in France and tourist will have a lot of fun here. You can get some amazing scenic views beside the lake due to where it’s situated (at the Alp’s foot).

The Venice of the Alps is the major village of Annecy and it’s located on the north shore. You will endlessly roam around in its winding cobblestone pathways until it’s time to taste some appetizing local foods and fresh produce. It will be a culinary crime to not taste the local freshwater fish and sundry means from the exclusive French and Italian cuisine blends.

There are other activities here other than just swimming in the lake; like riding a rented motorbike, hiking, or going for a bike ride by the lake. There several views and spots to explore in the surrounding area.

The Gorges du Fier is located 10 km away from Annecy. It’s a gorge carved in the rock by the local river. This is one other amazing way of experiencing the Lake Annecy in the afternoon.

3 – Jamaica mia! Spiaggia Giamaica, Italy

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The Spiaggia Giamaica, also called Jamaica beach resides at the end of Sirmione peninsula and spreads out to the southern shore of Lake Garda. Though the beach isn’t very popular, but the experience will definitely be worth it. A white smooth rock forms a large slap on the beach. There’s a gorgeous mountain view at one side of the beach and the view of the old village of Sirmione on the other side.

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Sirmione is a resort town well known for the medieval castle of Rocca Scaligera and its thermal baths. The castle resides quietly on the water and secured the old bridge; which is the town’s only entrance. Over the beach you’ll find Grotte di Catullo. This villa was built in the first century CE and it is the largest Roman ruins complex in northern Italy. This like is mostly surrounded by the Dolomite Mountains, but Jamaica beach is found in the flat area on the southern side of this lake. This area doesn’t just offer activities in the water; it also has hiking facilities through the mountain’s green valleys.

4 – Pelicans, cormorants, buffalos at Kerkini, Greece

Source : shutterstock / Evgeni Fabisuk

Greece is popular for its perfect waters and idle afternoons at the beach. However, around the Bulgarian border, some kilometers north of Thessaloniki resides the Kerkini Lake – one of Europe’s important wetlands. Hiding under the Belles Mountain, since 1932, the area has transformed into a national park. Though this lake might not be the best choice for sun bathing, interventions from man has attracted various vegetation an animals. Suspended water lilies and wild willows cover thousands of hectares and offers about 300 bird species a home. Some of these birds nest here, while others just visit for refreshment. However, pelicans and the pygmy cormorants can be seen here.

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The lake is filled with fishes and its shores host red foxes, otters, wildcats, and golden jackals and grey wolf from the mountain come down occasionally. This place has a truly extraordinary biodiversity.

You’ll also find water buffalos around. The meat and milk from these buffalos increases the exclusiveness of the local food (like the buffalo mozzarella). And what can you be doing around the lake? Obviously, the major activity is just watching the animals; however, you can also go on walks, boat or bikes rides, or ride a horse. This place is absolutely excellent for outdoor activities.

5 – Lake Brienz and Lake Thun : a Swiss package deal

travel_european_Swiss _2020
Source : shutterstock / VICTOR TORRES

Visiting this place is a great package deal; get two lakes for the price of one. The Brienz and Thun Lake is situated in the middle of the country and you can get an awesome view of the snowy ridges of the Swiss Alps.

Recently, the Interlaken town links these two lakes and they are just few minutes away from each other. Actually, Interlaken rightly means “in the center of two lakes,” and this is precisely where this town resides. Also, there are small villages all around the lake – where you will be welcomed and can have something to eat.

There are several ways you can really enjoy these two lakes. Boat rides are one other the most well known services across the lakes and it have been in operation since 1839. On the other hand, you can make good use of your feet and do some scouting around the territory making use of the hiking trails by the lake. Furthermore, you could use a cable car to get to the Harder Kulm Bridge. You can get astonishing views of the lake, mountain, and almost everything around (on a smaller scale) at over 1,300m above the sea level.

6 – Flood of lakes but mainly Saimaa, Finland

Source : shutterstock / shirmanov aleksey

People in Finland love their lakes, forest, and may be everything in relation with nature and being outside. It’s an amazing thing, and this country has exactly 187,888 lakes in its boundaries. Since you can find water bodies literally everywhere, it won’t be a bad idea to do some exploration in this country and check out some different lakesides. Nevertheless, this Finland’s largest Saimaa should be a place you’ll want to experience.

Taking a tour with a canal boat over the border to Vyborg in Russia is one activity that you must experience. You will climb 77m altitude with this leisurely cruise through 8 locks in just 5 hours, and visas aren’t needed at the border. This trip will be perfect for people who love lock.

You can relax at the lake during the summer, can swim of take a boat ride across the water and experience island hopping as Saimma has over 14,00 islands. You can even pick up mushrooms and fresh berries on your way back to your campsite and enjoy them with the muikku fish and other delicious local foods. The sun sets for just a few hours so the nights here aren’t long – and even still it doesn’t really gets completely dark. May be its just an excellent time to relax, breathe and listen to the Finnish forest peaceful sounds.

7 – Totalitarian dream of Balaton, Hungary

Source : shutterstock / Botond Horvath

The Hungarian inner sea was one of the best destinations for tourist during the communist period in Europe. In Lake Balaton you will find different landscapes featuring underwater caves, ancient fortresses, and historic towns. Balaton resides among volcanic hills – rich in minerals. The northern shore’s mountain area is filled with a lot of vineyards giving it a rustic feel. Also, there are enough hiking trails here. However, the flatter southern shore is popular for its historic sites and resorts.

The northern area has a more deep water bed than the southern part – which is way shallower. The average depth of water is just more than 3m and the deepest part reaches up to 12m. Obviously, one of the amazing activities here is swimming and sunbathing, however, windsurfing and sailing are also great here.

The Tapolca lake cave is one other amazing site around this lake. Due to the combination of various water streams (including volcanic), the underground water maintains a constant 20C temperature.

Whether it’s a short break you want to relax and sunbath or an active vacation; Balaton is the ideal place.

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